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                                        Dimitri M. Kullmann

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                                        Explore the Brain and Brain Communications articles that have been the most popular around the world in the last year. This collection provides access to a selection of the most read papers globally and by continent.

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                                        Editor's Choice

                                        Editor's Choice
                                        Tissue-resident memory T cells invade the brain parenchyma in multiple sclerosis white matter lesions
                                        Nina L Fransen et al.
                                        In a postmortem study of brain tissue from patients with advanced progressive multiple sclerosis, Fransen et al. identify re-activation of CD8+ tissue-resident memory T cells in the perivascular space as a potential key mechanism in the maintenance of white matter lesion activity.
                                        Editor's Choice
                                        Tau immunophenotypes in chronic traumatic encephalopathy recapitulate those of ageing and Alzheimer’s disease
                                        John D Arena et al.
                                        Are the tau pathologies of CTE unique? Arena et al. show subtypes of tau proteins that accumulate in neurons are different from those in astrocytes in CTE, overlapping with patterns found in ageing and Alzheimer’s disease. This highlights the challenge of distinguishing tau pathologies in CTE from other neurodegenerative diseases.
                                        Editor's Choice
                                        Hippocampal α-synuclein pathology correlates with memory impairment in multiple system atrophy
                                        Yasuo Miki et al.
                                        The pathological substrates of cognitive impairment in multiple system atrophy remain unclear. By studying 148 autopsy-confirmed cases, Miki et al. show that memory impairment is associated with α-synuclein immunoreactive neuronal cytoplasmic inclusions in the hippocampus and parahippocampal gyrus.
                                        Editor's Choice
                                        A venous mechanism of ventriculomegaly shared between traumatic brain injury and normal ageing
                                        Toshihiko Aso et al.
                                        Age-related ventricular dilatation is considered a consequence of tissue atrophy, distinct from the ventriculomegaly seen in idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus. Aso et al. show that an age-related venous perfusion timing shift may be another factor driving ventricular enlargement in both normal ageing and pathology.
                                        Editor's Choice
                                        Microglial exosomes facilitate α-synuclein transmission in Parkinson’s disease
                                        Min Guo et al.
                                        Cell-to-cell transmission of α-synuclein is thought to contribute to the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Guo et al. show that microglial exosomes mediate α-synuclein transmission from microglia to neurons in vitro, in vivo and in human studies, and could thus be a promising therapeutic target.
                                        Editor's Choice
                                        Relationship between cortical iron and tau aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease
                                        Nicola Spotorno et al.
                                        Increasing evidence suggests that dysregulation of neuronal iron may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease. Using MR-based quantitative susceptibility mapping and tau-PET, Spotorno et al. provide in vivo evidence for an association between iron deposition and tau accumulation in subjects on the Alzheimer’s disease continuum.

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                                        Brain Communications is the open access sister journal to Brain, publishing high-quality preclinical and clinical studies related to diseases of the nervous system or maintaining brain health.

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                                        How air pollution may lead to Alzheimer’s disease

                                        Air pollution harms billions of people worldwide. Over the past few decades, it has become widely recognized that outdoor air pollution is detrimental to respiratory and cardiovascular health, but recently scientists have come to acknowledge the damage it may cause on the brain as well.

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                                        When narcolepsy makes you more creative

                                        Patients with narcolepsy are often lucid dreamers, and experience direct transitions from wakefulness into REM sleep. Lacaux et al. report that these patients perform better than healthy controls on creativity tests, supporting a role for REM sleep in creativity.

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                                        Better detection of concussions using vital signs

                                        We have vital signs for our body like heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. Why not for our brain? You can’t treat what you can’t measure, bottom line. Therefore, we must first know if brain injuries, like concussions, have significantly affected brain function.


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